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Hi, my name is Pelle Wessman, but people might know me as VoxPelli on the web. I'm living in Malmö in southern Sweden, just besides the danish capital of Copenhagen, where I'm working as a web developer at HD-Sydsvenskan – building the and sites.

Previously I've worked at blog reader startup Bloglovin, experienced life as a consultant through Valtech Sweden, taken part of the team behind micro-payment startup Flattr and grown up as a web developer in the arms of former Malmö web agency Good Old. Before and inbetween all of that there's also been some freelancing, philosophy studies, psychology studies, non-profit work etc. – just to spice things up a bit.

As a web developer I've done tons of things – started out with vanilla PHP at the back-end, went on to WordPress and Drupal and then finally Node.js took over. At the front-end I started out deploying IE6 hasLayout fixes and now it's all flexboxes, Service Workers and the rest of the amazing features that the modern web brings.

During most of my professional journey I've had the opportunity to contribute back to the open source community and I've especially been doing so to the IndieWeb, Node.js and Drupal ones. I've done everything from finding issues and posting bug reports to constructing patches and launching new projects – both by myself and together with colleagues.


Besides this site you can find me at many other places around the web - often by the nickname of VoxPelli. Here's some of my favorite ones:

Thanks to…

Iconic for their free SVG icons that I use for my indie-actions and to Tom Preston-Werner and the other Jekyll contributors for the great tool that generates this site. Also thanks to the GitHub team for making it so easy to host this site at GitHub Pages for so long, making it easy to move to a static site, and to Netlify and their team for providing the equally good, but more powerful, hosting that this site currenlty uses – secured with https and everything!