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Better colors with SassScript

Preprocessors – it’s the new hot thing in the frontend world. Sass is what makes you cool – Sass is what makes a site great. At least that’s how the talk goes.

Preprocessors – they give us nested CSS rules, mixins, extends – but do they stop us from making the same stupid mistakes we always do?

When we revisit code a year later or have a team mate help us out in the middle of a “quick” “easy” panic change – aren’t we just as prone to do something wrong now as before?

Are preprocessors just a flashy new way of writing the same dumb things we’ve always done before? If we just do the nesting and mixins – then yes – absolutely. But if we also do some scripting – then no – not at all.

At Valtech Tech Day this week I covered some ways dumb stylesheets can be made smart and how SassScript can be key in avoiding stupid mistakes and bringing designs to new levels of perfection.

I presented three examples – all centered around my sass-color-helpers library, which I also released during Valtech Tech Day.

  1. I discussed how SassScript can apply consistent color tones across all elements of a site, through automatic calculations and conversions of colors in different color spaces – HSV, RGB etc.

  2. I also went into how SassScript can measure contrast ratios – either alerting us when text becomes unreadable (according to WCAG 2.0 guidelines and such) or taking action itself to mitigate it.

  3. Lastly I also brought up how SassScripts can be used to estimate transparencies and colors of complex flat reference designs (.png, jpg rather than layered .psd) and thus ensure that we get the colors right without guessing – getting clear, traceable and repeatable colors in our stylesheets even when the reference designs are lacking.

  4. And as some sugar coating I also ended by geeking out about how one can extend eg. the math libraries available to SassScript so that even the tougher algorithms can be implemented in it. Solving a pow($x, 2.4) anyone?

All the code and examples from my presentation, along with some documentation, have been released freely on GitHub and I have also published it to Bower – “sass-color-helpers”.

The presentation itself was in swedish – if you understand that exotic language then you may also take delight in that one – I’ll embed it at the end of this post.

I urge you all to go out there and make your stylesheets smarter, more fool proof and more powerful by using SassScript – and perhaps even send me a pull request, support question or feature request in the process if you decide to use my code to improve your colors.

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