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I'm joining Bloglovin

Last week I said goodbye to Valtech, where I’ve been this last year, and this week I’m happy to say hello to Bloglovin where I’m rejoining parts of my good old team.

I joined Valtech almost exactly one year ago, on the very same day that their new Malmö office opened. Since then I’ve got to see lots of parts of the company – been working in England for 2-3 months, paid regular visits to Stockholm and worked with Danes. And I’ve seen Valtech find their way in Malmö. A tiny four seat office in Malmö’s supermodern Media Evolution City sure is a stark contrast to the 100+ people strong office in the 19:th century royal mint in central Stockholm. But Valtech have taken thoughtful steps to create a office that’s true to Malmö spirit and not a Stockholm replica – and it’s starting to pay of.

Before Valtech I took a year to focus on things other than web development. I studied “practical” philosophy (a term used by swedish universities for moral and political philosophy etc) and organizational psychology for a year. Before that I was at Flattr and before that at Good Old – and now I’m going back to the startup world of Flattr with parts of my team from Good Old by rejoining Hugo and Simon to form the Bloglovin Scania / Malmö office.

I’m excited to get back into the startup world and even more to get started coding Node.js full-time. Node.js has been my favorite platform / language since back in those adventurous 0.1.x-days some 5 years ago when almost every coding session started with compiling a new version of Node.js and finding out all the new cool features you could use and all the breaking changes you needed to adapt for. Back in those days when neither NPM or Express was a thing. It was great back then. And it is even greater now. And it’s interesting Node.js times. Especially so with hapi starting to replace Express as the king of the hill – at least for API:s. It will be very interesting to get hands on with it and see what it delivers.

So – I will still be staying in Malmö, but working for a new cool company and doing some more Node.js. I will still take part in organizing the local Node.js meetups and I will still be an IndieWebber and open source contributor. And hopefully I will be doing even more of all those and other things.

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