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My 2015 in Summary

2016 is in full swing and it’s long overdue to take a look back at the past year and what happened then. This is the final part of this four part series of posts about 2015.


The year started out at Bloglovin, but I later left and now I freelance. Throughout I built some cool stuff for both Bloglovin (push, better images, smarter feed) and the IndieWeb (publishing to Jekyll blogs from eg. iOS etc) and now I’m all occupied building cool stuff as a freelancer.

A list of all new projects 2015

A list of updated projects 2015

  • Lintlovin – Node.js module, a personal fork of mine which is upgraded to eg. use ESLint
  • A WebMention Endpoint – hosted service written in Node.js
  • Connect PG Simple – Node.js module – probably my smallest and most popular project with certainly the highest amount of contributors (GitHub currently says 8 other persons have contributed to it)
  • and some other projects as well as a bunch of PR:s that’s been contributed to a bunch of projects – such as Dependency Check.

A list of all posts in this series

  • Part 1: My 2015 in Startup
  • Part 2: My 2015 in IndieWeb
  • Part 3: My 2015 in Freelance
  • and this post as the final part
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