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Jag läste Säpos granskning av IT-skandalen i Transportstyrelsen – så du slipper - Breakit

Bra sammanställning av Emanuel Karlsten och en bra slutsats – att det nog är faktumet att IT-säkerhet ses som lågprioriterat foliehatsnagelfareri som bara är dyrt och krångligt utan något egentligt värde.

Det finns mycket som kan gå fel i det tekniska även med rejäla skyddsbarriärer, men ofta är ju säkerhetsnivån på närmast löjeväckande nivå – galet lätta lösenord som återanvänds inom team för var och varannan tjänst.

Om det ska komma något gått ur detta säkerhetshaveriet så är det väl då just det som Emanuel pekar på – att IT-säkerhet kanske faktiskt sätts i fokus och ges det värde det förtjänar. Det är inte foliehattar – det är den uppkopplade realiteten i dagens samhälle.

Steg ett för alla: Sluta med lättmemorerade återanvända lösenord och sätt upp vettiga unika lösenord genom typ 1password. Fortsätt därefter med 2-faktorsautentisering, kryptering av datorns hårddisk, självklart lösenordsskydd på telefonen etc etc.

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CM2- Night Rider, our first ££ commercial bus route

This bus experiment from Citymapper feels so much more relevant to me than anything Uber has done.

In cities that have been built for humans – where you can walk, ride a bike, take a bus, subway, train etc – this makes so much more sense.

Uber feels like the solution for cities where cars are the focus. Citymapper feels like the solution for cities where people are the focus.

Is this the European take on solving modern transportation?

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Adactio: Journal—Container queries

Good update on container queries.

Looks promising that the Houdini Layout API eventually will enable polyfills for container queries – or at least attempts of such.

Where there is polyfills, there is hope.

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Trump, the know-nothing victor

There is a problem in journalism that we favour lots of diversities over economic diversity … We don’t have enough folks who grew up in working-class rural communities.

This is probably true for many places that want to be actively working towards gathering a more diverse crowd. When measuring the diversity one picks a few dimensions, but forgets that there are many others as well. The diverse crowd one then gathers might only be diverse in some very specific ways, but far from diverse in other ones. The diverse city crowd is eg. still a city crowd and might differ from the diverse non-city crowd.

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Why the far right is on the rise - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition

Imposing cruel sacrifices on entire nations in the name of rules that you don’t understand, and forgetting about those rules as soon as your political cronies break them, creates the climate of amorality and cynicism in which the far right advances.

​After the Brexit vote it’s easy for EU to look like the good guys with the brexiters as the bad ones – the rascists etc. ​ ​Would be great if things were so simple. EU itself has a lot to work on as well though. When it comes to transparency, democracy and being a leader that can be perceived as supporting the whole of society rather than as an elite that prey upon the people. ​ ​No matter how much or how little one agrees with the political goals of the EU, the current path that it is taken to achieve the goal (along with the path taken by many of its member states) creates dangerous reactions amongst society that can truly break apart Europe and it’s member states. ​ ​EU needs to refocus on compassion and inclusion. No matter the political goals, everyone needs to feel part of the journey and feel that the journey is also one with a purpose for them. Else they will look for their journey elsewhere and that journey we might not want to see where it ends.

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