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Why the far right is on the rise - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition

Imposing cruel sacrifices on entire nations in the name of rules that you don’t understand, and forgetting about those rules as soon as your political cronies break them, creates the climate of amorality and cynicism in which the far right advances.

​After the Brexit vote it’s easy for EU to look like the good guys with the brexiters as the bad ones – the rascists etc. ​ ​Would be great if things were so simple. EU itself has a lot to work on as well though. When it comes to transparency, democracy and being a leader that can be perceived as supporting the whole of society rather than as an elite that prey upon the people. ​ ​No matter how much or how little one agrees with the political goals of the EU, the current path that it is taken to achieve the goal (along with the path taken by many of its member states) creates dangerous reactions amongst society that can truly break apart Europe and it’s member states. ​ ​EU needs to refocus on compassion and inclusion. No matter the political goals, everyone needs to feel part of the journey and feel that the journey is also one with a purpose for them. Else they will look for their journey elsewhere and that journey we might not want to see where it ends.

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