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Came up a brief discussion on task managers like Wunderlist and the possible indiewebification of them in the #indieweb IRC-channel today and it got me thinking:

The IndieWeb community in general prefers composition of post features over post types.

So in the IndieWeb world there would never be something like a Task post type that has certain properties like due date, completion status etc etc.

There would rather be a Task feature that a post could have or not have. So – what feature is it that makes a task a task? The completion status of course.

So the first stept to start doing IndieWeb task managers would probably be to agree on how to mark up completion status of posts.

Second step could maybe be to agree on how someone else can try to complete the status of another post through webmention.

Then stuff like assigning a task to someone and such so one could have collaborative task lists would probably be interesting and after that all additional features some may perhaps want, like due dates etc.

So: Completion status? First step?

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